Shine Your Life

There is often too much to do, to accomplish all in one day

For even the span of a lifetime is enough to feel a sense of urgency.

At the day's break, with the sun's slowly upward crawl

the course of time seems long and wide, surely enough time for all,

but as the top of the sky is reached, beginning the sun's descent 

Not enough time has passed by to cause this quickly approaching event!


Where did the hours go? The mornings, minutes, the moments...

Orange sky hastening an appraisal of how your day's time was spent.


I want more out of my day, I want to squeeze out every last drop,

I want to wring moments of time from the sun like Maui slowing the clock.

I want to LIVE inside an hour, relish a lifetime in a single day,

make a year last an eon and a moment span eternity.

For there is much too much to do, to see, to live, to feel

much too much to grasp and hold to explore and see if it's real.

Many too many people to meet, and friends and family to make

questions to ask and answers to learn and risks and chances to take


For we are given but one life to live, just a blip in the course of time

So seize this moment, laugh and love and shine



Life Beyond Expectations

We stand at the edge.  Toes gripping uncertain ground we gaze into infinity.  The world rests before us small and easily moldable. Within our reach we can decide the fate of things large and small.  We wake up every morning into a world filled with ideas, yet a blank slate waiting for your masterpiece.  Every day we decide how we want to spend the rest of our lives.  Moment by moment we create the factors and influences that will shape those lives. 

And that is what makes Maui such a gift to those of us who call this island home.  Because as it was believed in the days of our ancestors we live not in a world of scarcity, but in a world of abundance.  And our island’s abundance is revealed to us every morning in the arrival of the crisp pale blue dawn, our two mountains silhouetted in a magnetic field of sky untouched by clouds not yet awake.  Or the early morning showers and thick heavy beasts that sit low upon the land, foretelling the wet winter months and big north swells.  The faces of friends, neighbors, and people we see in passing as vast and varied as the mango and papaya, the ohia and hibiscus, vibrant with life and hope for the coming day.

We indeed choose our life and the ability to be happy every moment and Maui gives us ample reason to take advantage.  No matter who you are, where you work, and what you really love to do, life provides opportunity to make use of your time here and expand your love for these things.  It is said that Passion breeds energy and living on Maui I run into people full of energy with every step.  Whether their passion is surfing or family, weekends bbq’ing at the beach or that next home project we always have something great in mind, something that we cannot live without, something that is life-fulfilling.

And Maui makes it easy for us to pick up new passions, to never be bored, to meet new old friends, to do the same thing you’ve done for your entire life and still love it like the first time.  The saying “only a surfer knows the feeling” is how I feel about life here on Maui, every moment.

And so we stand at the edge.  Our options are infinite and our mind and heart is the navigator as we create our happiness and balance day by day.  Maui too benefits from our enjoyment of life, because the more we truly take care of ourselves, the more we care for Maui.  And in the end that is our most important thing to remember.  That if we want a better Maui, it begins with each of us.  If we want our children to experience the same wonder we did, if we want the security to leave our doors unlocked, to greet strangers with a smile, we must each and every one of us, live the life we want to.  In recognizing our need for both stability and spontaneity we see our responsibility to balance the two within ourselves.  If we can all do this individually then everything else comes as natural as the rising sun.  And standing at the edge we watch the sun rise into the sky, mirroring our hope to ascend to great things, whether for ourselves, our families, our community, and the world.  So go ahead and reach, Maui wants you to.  A life lived beyond expectations.